Upcoming Round Table Meeting for Alabama Civil War Round TAble

Trivia Question (answer below):

What mode of transportation that helped win the Civil War for the North helped rebuild the South afterwards and what was so unusual about the carrier on which it traveled?

To all that shall see these presents greetings:

It is my pleasure to announce that the October meeting of the Alabama Civil War Roundtable will be held next Thursday, October 9th at the Vestavia Hills Library on Highway 31 and that the meeting will start at 6:30 PM. The speaker will be yours truly (Bob Sorrell) and I will be speaking on Heavy Artillery of the American Civil War.

If you have an interest in all types of Civil War Artillery, our featured website this month is: http://www.civilwarartillery.com . Also our website: http://www.civilwaralabama.org is a good source of Civil War information.

Take care and we hope to see you next Thursday


Trivia Question answer:

The standard width of the rails (the carrier) of the US rail system today is 4feet, 8 and 1/2 inches. This was the width (gauge)used in the North before the Civil War while in the South, even though the majority of the locomotives had been made in the North; the 113 different railroad companies used three different track gauges. As the war progressed and the Union forces pressed South, as they captured railroads; the North converted them to their track gauge until the majority of the railroads in the South (over 2,000miles) had been converted to a standard gauge. After the war, this trend continued; making it possible to travel without having to change trains due to a change of track gauge. Also, in a rather strange twist; it has long been believed that the track gauge width of 4’8.5″ came from the width between the wheels of a Roman War Chariot. What do you think?